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Arthur Mebius

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Arthur Mebius studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, Netherlands. Since then, he has worked for clients mainly in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland (and as far afield as Mexico and North Korea), and has won many awards.

In his work, Arthur tells stories with humor at their heart, exaggerating and drawing attention to the unexpected. The absurdity of the situations is magnified when the characters encounter strangeness as if it is totally normal. The humor often tends towards the tragicomic, with misfortune creating a twist in the tale.

When viewed from the outside, situations often appear unreal, but as the scenes are thoroughly composed by the photographer down to the smallest detail, they create their own startling and vivid reality.

Arthur’s personal sense of humor and timing form the premise and basis of the compositions, with their flawless execution carrying the viewer as well as the production team along for the ride.

Arthur lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and works wherever the perfect location is found.


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