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Britta Leuermann

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Britta made the decision to become a photographer at the age of 20. Since then, she has gained a wealth of personal and professional experiences. She traveled the world and worked alongside and for some of the biggest international photographers in New York City. There she learned that the final result is not solely dependent on her own professionalism, but also on everyone giving – and being capable of giving – their best.
Her genuine love for people and her positive energy allows her to create an atmosphere on set where, everybody can thrive – including her subjects and herself. The result are photographs primarily in the fields of fashion, beauty and people, where the needs and requirements of her clients seamlessly merge with her own style: A balance of natural lightness with carefully considered accents.
Observing a gender imbalance in her industry both overseas and in Germany Britta co-founded herspective in 2021 with the mission of starching gender equality in photography.
Britta lives in Berlin with her family and shares a workspace with other creative forces.


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