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Laura Nenz

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Through visual storytelling, Laura aims to touch hearts and foster a deeper understanding of the human condition. She embraces diversity and constantly seeks new challenges to expand her creative horizons. Building trust with her subjects is essential, allowing them to reveal their true selves and creating photographs that reflect unique stories and resonate instinctively with the viewer. Creating a positive atmosphere with the whole team is also the key for Laura. When everyone’s in sync, the energy rises, which leads to exceptional results. It’s all about good vibes and enjoying the time together.

Laura’s heart belongs to lifestyle, people and documentary photography and she likes stories that have good values and can contribute positively to our society in the best sense. In doing so, she combines her expertise as a photographer, with the experience gained from her studies as a social manager and her time as a picture editor and producer, to create expressive images and a stylish visual language. That’s what makes and can shape the identity of a story and a brand.

Laura is based in Hamburg and works everywhere.


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