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Lina Grün

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Lina never became a photographer. All she had to do was getting more experienced in what she was doing from a very early age: taking all the camera equipment she was surrounded by at home and portray her siblings in their daily life.

After moving out she didn’t waste time and gained even more experience and skills while studying and assisting in Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg. Along the way she developed an authentic and straight forward style in her work. Featuring lifestyle issues, transportation, kids, family and friends her deliberately cool photography often reveals its depths at second glance.

She lives, works and makes tons of phone calls in Berlin.


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  • Ergo Baby
  • EON
  • Fritzbox
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  • Little Years
  • Löwenzahn Organics
  • LVM Versicherung
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  • Monopol
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  • Reima
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